Changing the way developers build new projects, forever

Hey there, we're getting pretty tired of the software world in its current state. It's a world where if you're not sipping green tea with the leaders of the industry in San Fran, or don't have a multi-million dollar investment round, the odds are stacked against you. We wanted to tackle this head on and allow creatives, developers and everyone in between, to form up in teams, build and then distribute their projects for free.

Introducing, a non-money-oriented crowdsourcing alternative, out to disrupt the world of startups. Gone are the days of quitting your job to start a new business, of cramping ambition to fit into budgets, of being left by the wayside once harvested by your VCs and of giving the largest chunk of profits to investors, directors and managers. With people can collaborate to build cool new products and sell them, hassle-free and sustainably, earning a share of all the profits based off of their contribution.