Your coffee has evolved

Javazen was founded by three roommates in a Unversity of Maryland dorm room when we realised that our traditional coffee just wasn't living up to its potential. Our passion became creating a coffee blend that allowed us to be our best without any of the anxiety, stress, or crash associated with traditional coffee.

Javazen was born by blending premium 100% Arabica, direct trade coffee with matcha green tea, and raw cacao nibs.

Now, three years into our journey, we've brought our award-winning coffee blend to a single-serve format allowing you to #FindYourZen anywhere.

Our patent-pending plant-based pouches steep like tea while providing French press-quality coffee. Simply add hot water and enjoy. Our Brew Bags are entirely biodegradable and require no special equipment. Set your coffee free from the confines of your kitchen, and experience the evolution of coffee today.