We Walk The Line

Drink coffee and change lives

We Walk the Line is a social enterprise that empowers tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by selling great tasting artisanal coffee.

We employ people who need a break, young people at risk of dropping out of education or the disadvantaged who need a second chance.

We then coach our employees and teach them on the job how to run their own coffee cart. Coaching them over one year to become self-sufficient business people, equipping them with both business and barista skills.

We reinvest our profits to set up our employees when they are ready with their own coffee cart and pitch, creating a new micro-business.

We continue to support all our entrepreneurs through a franchise model, supporting them with accounting, marketing and the benefits of bulk buying stock.

There are three ways you can help people who need a deserving break to be their own boss:

1) Buy our coffee.

2) Buy social and book us for your next event, launch or ceremony.

3) Ask us to run a pop-up coffee pitch for you.